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~*~The Only Light That Shines There In The Dark~*~

~*~In My Imagination Anything Goes~*~

~*~You Set Me Free~*~
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This is a place for anyone who loves to read or write fanfiction. But as with everything in life, there are some rules of thumb.

*All fanfiction must pertain to an interest already listed. Feel free to suggest new fandoms for the list, but be advised that not all suggestions will be added.
*All fics must have a rating (G to NC-17).
*When posting fic please use a LJ cut.
*The LJ cut must have the title, rating, and fandom included. If the story is in chapters please be sure to list the chapter as well.
*If a fic contains slash it must have a disclaimer in the tag. Be respectful of others who may not want to read certain kinds of fiction.
*All posts must have something to do with fic (story, idea suggestions/questions/advice).
*Fic Theft of any kind will not be tolerated! Anyone caught doing so without asking to borrow dialogue, story lines, etc. will be asked to leave the community.

And most importantly: HAVE FUN!! The whole purpose of writing/reading fanfiction is to have fun.

**All characters have been previously copyrighted. Unless otherwise stated all characters have been snagged from fandoms on tv, in music, etc.**