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Mar. 26th, 2005 @ 03:45 pm (no subject)
Be My Girlfriend.


Dale strode down the walkway. Grissom and Catherine walked towards him, Grissom carrying both suitcases after a long argument about whether or not Catherine was helpless.
"Bugman!" Dale greeted excitedly, "Long time no see," He hugged him briefly and pulled back and looked at Catherine, stunned. "This isn't. . ." He held out his hand for Catherine.
"Catherine Willows." She introduced herself.
"Your girlfriend?" He asked, "Damn it, Gil Grissom, I thought I was lucky in love." He kissed Catherine's hand.
"Shouldn't you be saving some of that charm for your fiancé?"
"No, Dale's not getting married. Vince is."
"Where is Vince?"
"Ah, he's inside somewhere." Dale motioned to the hotel. "You guys must be starving! Vegas, that's quite a drive, huh?"
"We did alright." Catherine smiled.
"So what do you do, Catherine?" Dale asked.
"I work with Gil."
"So you work graveyard?"
"No, I was promoted to Swing." Catherine said taking a sip of her water, "I think the hours are worse though."
"How long have you and Gil been going out?"
"Four months," Grissom said as Catherine said, "Six months." He froze and looked at her pleadingly.
Catherine chuckled, "He's just confused because we started having sex six months ago, but we weren't officially dating until four months ago."
Grissom blushed furiously, "It's always the quiet ones, eh?" He pushed Grissom suggestively.
"Bugman!" Vince walked over to the table. "So glad you could make it!"
"Good to see you, Vince." Grissom responded.
"Vince, where's Susan?"
"She went out with some of her girlfriends." He turned back to Grissom, "Speaking of girlfriends." He turned to look at Catherine and smiled, "Introduce us."
"This is Catherine Willows," He paused and looked to her then added, "My girlfriend."
"Mind if I join you guys?"
"Please," Dale pulled a chair out, "There's plenty of room and we haven't ordered yet."
"So, Catherine Willows," Vince began smiling, "you've caught the bugman. I want to hear ALL about you. Don't leave anything out!"
"Anything?" Catherine looked skeptically at Grissom. He shrugged, "ANYTHING?" She repeated.
"Yeah, come on, start from the top. Where're you from?"
"Ok, I was born in Montana, hated it. Left for Vegas at 16. I worked as a waitress and was dating a wannabe rock-star. Worked nights as an exotic dancer to put myself through college. Married Eddie, got recruited to work at the lab by Gil," She reached for his hand and squeezed. When he smiled at her she continued, "Got pregnant, Lindsey's 12 now, filed for divorce, Eddie got murdered. Long story, short. Here I am."
"So is that what happens to all the retired exotic dancers? They become scientists?"
Catherine smiled, "Only the ones with a B.S. in Medical Technology. As for the rest most of them become prostitutes."
"Is this proper dinner conversation?" Grissom interjected.
"We haven't even ordered yet!" Catherine pointed out. She leaned back and stroked his cheek, "What's the matter, Gil? Getting restless, are we?"
"I know it's been almost 24 hours, but you'll just have to wait. I'm hungry," Catherine smiled adoringly at the blush in his cheeks, she kissed his cheek once. Twice. She had to restrain herself from grabbing him and kissing him until. . . no, focus! She took a sip of her ice water, "tonight," she whispered hoarsely, "I promise."
Grissom had no idea what to say. His jaw hung open, poised for words when the waitress came over.


Grissom and Catherine bade Dale and Vince a goodnight before walking up to their hotel room. Grissom opened the door and looked in, "I'm sorry." He said.
"What for?" She asked walking further into the room.
"I didn't realize that by telling Vince I had a girlfriend we'd get one room with one bed." He explained, "I'll sleep on the floor."
She laughed, "Don't be ridiculous!"
"We can share the bed, Gil. It's not like you haven't seen me mostly naked before." She reasoned.
"Yeah, but you were dancing and you were like ten feet away." He shook his head. "I'll sleep on the floor."
"Do you not want to sleep with me?"
"I didn't say that, Cath." She ran her finger up and down his arm. "I didn't say that at all."
"If I was to . . . kiss you." She smiled, "Are you saying it would be unwelcome?"
"No. . . " She kissed his lips gently.
"If I was to . . . run my arms up your sides." She started to move her hands slowly down to his hips, "Are you saying you would mind?"
"No. . . "
"Good," She pulled away, "Then you won't mind sharing a bed with me. I'm going to take a shower."
The bathroom door opened and steam poured out. Grissom was laying in bed, in his pajamas: an old baggy shirt and a pair of boxers. When Catherine sauntered into the room his attentions quickly strayed from the book on Forensic Entymology propped up in his lap to the strawberry blonde woman walking across the room in a towel.
She knew he was watching her. Still got it, she thought with an inner smile. She opened up her suitcase. She fished through it, "Hey Gil?"
"Hmm?" He tried to sound inconspicuous.
"Which pjs should I wear?" She asked holding up two outfits, "Tank top and shorts or the nightie?"
"Is this a trick question?"
She giggled, "What do you mean?"
"I mean if I say the tank top and shorts are you going to assume I'm not interested in you because I chose the more chaste of the two. And if I say the nightie are you going to think that if I were so inclined the nightie would provide easier access?"
She started to laugh, "You think way too much sometimes. It's a simple question. No hidden meanings, I promise."
"Ok," He pondered. Whether it really meant nothing to her or not, this was anything but a simple question. "Well, I like the color blue."
She laughed again, "So the blue nightie?"
"But it's kind of cold so maybe cotton would be better."
"I can't imagine this would provide much warmth." She regarded it for a moment, "It probably covers less than the nightie. Maybe I should just sleep in the nude." She laughed and noticed Grissom fidget, "I'll wear the nightie."
She retreated back into the bathroom to put it on. Grissom tried to ignore his lustful thoughts. 'Ok,' he thought to himself, 'think about forensics. Ok, cockroaches. . . cockroaches have NOTHING to do with Catherine. Cockroaches are insects and Catherine's definitely a vertibrate. Cockroaches have feelers. Catherine doesn't have feelers, just hands. Hands. Hands roaming across his skin, touching, grabbing. . . Damn it! This is NOT helping.'
She emerged from the bathroom again. Grissom willed his libido to subside. "Catherine,"
"Yes?" She smiled as she pulled back the covers on the other side of the bed.
"Catherine, you look stunning."
"Thank you," she leaned over, took his face in her hands and gave him a kiss. Not an altogether chaste kiss, but not overwhelmingly passionate. Just enough for Grissom to get a taste and need more.
He put the book down on the night table. She leaned over him and turned off the lamp, pausing to give him a kiss first. When their lips broke apart she stared down at him, smiling. He looked up and grinned, "Just getting into character."
"Catherine," He started then paused.
"Yes?" She asked hopefully. 'Just give me the greenlight, just say it. Say something that means you want me. I don't really care even how it comes out. . . say with your hands. Just say it!!!'
"Goodnight," she replied trying to mask her disappointment. 'Damn you, Gil Grissom. Damn you.'
'Damn it, damn it!' Grissom scolded himself as he turned on his side away from Catherine, 'I cannot be laying in a bed with my best friend with an erection. . . Oh god, Catherine's so beautiful! I bet she knows a million ways to bring me to the edge. . . oh god! This isn't helping. . . But what could I possibly give her? She'd be so disappointed. . . I don't think I could take that. . .'
'I can't take this!' Catherine yelped in thought, 'oh god, I. . . I REALLY need this right now, like really bad. So bad I can't even think straight. Gil Grissom, you always do this to me and you have no idea. I don't want to startle you pumpkin, but I really, really, REALLY need this right now. You can understand that right?'
"Um. . . sweet dreams," 'Damn it, Willows!'
"Sweet dreams, Cath,"
"Kiss?" She asked innocently and he turned to see her hopeful smile. He leaned over her, and his upper body pressed against her. Their lips met and neither of them held anything back. Catherine's arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him tightly against her. When they broke away Grissom dropped back to his side of the bed and they lay there recovering for a moment.
She turned to him and smiled, "Don't let the bed bugs bite."


Grissom was sitting next to the pool. He had his book in his lap again and was thankful for some time to read. It was good and not good to not have Catherine prancing around half naked in front of him.
Grissom looked up in horror as Catherine and Dale walked by in front of him. "Catherine?" He asked.
"We're just taking a walk." Catherine shrugged. "Dale's going to tell me ALL about you in college."
"Don't get your hopes up, it's nothing too juicy." Dale laughed and received a glare from Grissom, "Don't worry bugman. She's yours, it's hands off." He held up his hands for Grissom to see.
"Have fun." Grissom said through gritted teeth.
'I wonder if he'll bring up Gretchen. . .' Grissom thought, 'Are you going to tell her how serious I was about Gretchen and how you stole her away from me? Is this going to be another repeat of that?'
"Come on, I know a nice path through the woods." Dale encouraged standing at the mouth of a trail.
She started to walk down the path after him. Her foot caught on a stump and she fell forward. She clenched her eyes shut and braced for impact with sticks and pine needles and bugs. However, she was met only with cotton and a well maintained chest.
Dale smiled down at her. She looked up in wonderment, their lips almost touching. "You ok?" She could feel his breath on her lips and. . . all she'd have to do was move A LITTLE. . .
"Fine," she choked out.
She pulled back and straightened up. "So, you and the bugman, I can't get over it. When he told me he had a girlfriend, I was thinking 'let me guess she's like 300 pounds'," he laughed, "And when he told me about you, I thought for sure he was lying. And now that I see you for myself, I WISH he was lying."
"What do you mean?"
"I wish he was lying so I could ask you out."
She blushed, "Well,"
"I mean bugman hasn't gotten a beautiful woman since. . . Gretchen probably." Dale shook his head, "But you are so much more beautiful than Gretchen."
"Well," she repeated, "Thank you."
"So, what are the chances you're going to stay with bugman?" Dale asked.
"Um. . . pretty good. Lindsey loves him. He's really great with her."
"But how do YOU feel about him?" He asked pointedly, "Do you love him?"
Catherine paused, her mouth open waiting for the words to come out. She closed her mouth and it twisted into an involuntary smile, "Yeah, I do." She chuckled, "I really really love him."
"Have you told him?"
". . .no."
"Maybe you should."
"Yeah," she smiled whistfully, "I will," she turned and ran back towards the pool. She looked around but Grissom wasn't there.

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Awww! More, must have more now! LoL! :)
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Date:March 28th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC)
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Cockroaches are insects and Catherine's definitely a vertibrate. Cockroaches have feelers. Catherine doesn't have feelers, just hands.

CRACKED me up.

I ADORE this.
Please? ^^